Drought and Hurricane Season

It was a JOY to see rain recently after an extremely long dry spell! The City of Missouri City formally rescinded all drought contingency measures on October 9, 2023 due to the recent rainfall and cooler temperatures. Customers should always keep water conservation in mind even during non-drought times.

The Gulf of Mexico continues to be very warm and an excellent incubator for tropical storm development. While enduring the unrelenting heat, all of us must also be vigilant and prepare for a tropical storm or hurricane.

Remember that Hurricane Season continues through November 30 th . Please review your hurricane plan for evacuation if needed and be prepared with a hurricane kit both for travel or if you stay in place. Don’t forget the pets and their needs too. See information posted in May under Hurricane Info and there are many websites with suggestions for hurricane survival kits. Find the preparation that best suits you and your family’s needs.

Post by Centerpoint:
“Despite a relatively quiet hurricane season, the tropics and Gulf are very warm and the NOAA NWS Climate Prediction Center now predicts an above-normal level of activity for the rest of the season, which ends on November 30. Know your emergency plan and prepare a hurricane kit – if you already have one, now’s a great time to restock it, if needed. Watch our video for tips on what to include, and share it with your friends and family: https://youtu.be/oshsLHzUEOg