Walking Bridge Temporarily Closed

To complete the final phase to the walking bridge repairs, sealant will be applied to the new boards for weather and wear protection this week.

The sealant is scheduled to be applied on Thursday, August 17, 2023 and Friday, August 18, 2023 and requires approximately 24 hours drying time.

Please do not use the bridge until barriers are removed.

If you have concerns, please contact FBCMUD47 at www.fbmud47.org/contact.

Fort Bend MUD Spring Open House

In 2022, the Board of Directors of Fort Bend MUD 47 hosted the 1st Annual Fort Bend MUD 47 Open House providing information on Flood Control and Severe Weather Preparedness.  We greatly appreciated having residents come out and hear the presentation and leave with a better understanding of the operations and management of our MUD.

On Monday, February 13th the Board of Directors of Fort Bend MUD 47 will be hosting our 2nd Annual Open House for all FBMUD 47 residents beginning at  7:00 pm at Life Pointe Church, 19506 Vicksburg Blvd.  The presentation this year will be “Understanding Municipal Utility District (MUD) Finances”.  The 45 minute presentation will begin at 7:15 pm  covering the topic of MUD finances – where does money come in from and how is it utilized in the operation and management of MUD 47.  Also included will be information on water conservation and how you can have an impact on your water bill.  Come meet the Board and  learn more about the MUD. We also have some door prizes to give away!  Every MUD 47 resident is invited to attend.  Hope to see all of you there.