Fort Bend MUD 47 Spring Open House

On Monday, April 29th the Board of Directors of Fort Bend MUD 47 will be hosting our 3rd Annual Open House for all FBMUD 47 residents beginning at 7:00 pm at Life Pointe Church, 19506 Vicksburg Blvd.

Given that we had to initiate our drought contingency plan last summer, the presentation this year will be “Water: A Precious Commodity”. Come learn everything you need to know about our water supply: where it comes from, what limits are there on supply, why do we pay GRP fees, what is a drought contingency plan, how can we conserve water, and more.

Come meet the Board, learn about our water supply, and maybe walk out with a door prize! Every MUD 47 resident is invited to attend. Hope to see all of you there.

Earth Day Storm Water Pollution


EARTH DAY (April 22nd) is a global event where people and organizations celebrate our planet in abundant ways: planting trees, recycling, collecting trash, and addressing areas where we are harming our environment. FBCMUD47 has chosen this day to encourage our community to help prevent storm water pollution. The articles below describe ways that we can alleviate pollution in our waterways. Missouri City developed and created a joint Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) which focuses on storm water quality management issues. The Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) oversees the quality of discharges from the MS4. See Water-Management-Program for more information on MS4 and Storm Water quality.