Low Water Pressure – 2:30 PM Update

According to the City of Missouri City’s water operator, Quail Valley UD, a contractor hit a 12” water line in the FBMUD48 neighborhood of Dry Creek which affected both FBMUD47 and FBMUD48.

The City and Quail Valley Utility District are responding to make the necessary repairs and anticipate water should be restored by 2:30pm-3pm. They anticipate a water outage for approximately 2-3 hours.

March 22, 2021 – Water Bill Usage Update

Due to logistical issues interfering with the District’s ability to read meters, caused by Winter Storm Uri, water usage on last month’s bill, due March 18th, was estimated based upon your meter’s last 4 months of usage and did not include usage from the week of February 15th . This month’s bill, due April 18th, includes usage from the week of February 15, during Winter Storm Uri. If water usage has increased due to a leak caused by the winter storm, visit www.mdswater.com to complete a Leak Adjustment Request Form. Proof of leak – repair bill and/or pictures of leaking pipe – will be required.

If you have any concerns, please call me at 281-923-7538.