Be Aware of Beryl

Hurricane Beryl has been tracked for days now with predictions varying and changing throughout its course over the eastern Caribbean, Jamaica, and Mexico. With a shift in direction, it is now headed for the Texas coast with a landfall predicted to be at Port Lavaca around 3 a.m. Monday (07/08/2024). Hurricane Beryl will be a high impact storm to southeast Texas with flooding rain, strong winds and storm surge.

NOAA NWS NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER has posted: “Please heed the advice from your local emergency officials and complete your preparation plans today” (Sunday 07/07/2024).

FBMUD47 encourages all residents to stay aware of the dangers presented by Beryl and be prepared with supplies. Our website,, has more hurricane preparedness information on our homepage under News Archives/Hurricane Info. Neighborhood streets may have flooding as they are part of the storm sewer system. Keep trash cans, trash can lids and other loose debris or items secured and keep storm drain outlets free of debris. Park your vehicles on driveways rather than on the street.

The following links can provide you with information of what to do to prepare for a hurricane:


The following links can provide you with information during the storm:

Local meteorologists and The Weather Channel will provide continuing coverage of the events occurring as Hurricane Beryl makes landfall. Please be safe!

Hurricane Beryl is considered a historical hurricane for several reasons. Beryl moved from a tropical depression to becoming a major hurricane quickly (about 42 hours). This major storm is also occurring not in the most active months for a hurricane (late July/early August) and usually Category 3 or stronger storms occur in September. The record warm temperatures of the ocean water warn of an atmosphere that will support strong hurricanes.