Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Rules for Alligator Safety

Please report any concerns regarding alligators or other wildlife to the Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 47 Operator, Municipal District Services, at 281-290-6500.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department suggests the following rules to “Be Gator Safe!”:

  • DO NOT feed, taunt, harass or attempt to move alligators. State law prohibits such actions.
  • DO NOT approach baby alligators or a pile of rotting vegetation which could be an alligator nest.
  • DO NOT allow small children or pets to play in or around water that may contain alligators.
  • Dogs are more susceptible to being targeted by an alligator than people as they resemble natural prey. Keep dogs on leashes under adult control.
  • Alligators are most active between dusk and dawn. Be alert when using the trails during this time.
  • If an alligator stands its ground and hisses, you have come too close. Slowly back away until the alligator no longer demonstrates this behavior.
  • DO enjoy viewing and photographing alligators from a safe distance of at least 30 feet or more.
  • DO stay out of the water and avoid low banks.
  • DO teach your family and friends good manners when visiting the home of alligators.
  • Please report foolish actions and problems to the local game warden.

Contact Information

  • TPWD Law Enforcement Communications: (281) 842-8100
  • TPWD Law Enforcement Communications Center/Austin: (512) 389-4848
  • TPWD Alligator Program Information/Port Arthur: (409) 736-2551 or txgator.info@tpwd.texas.gov

For more information on rules and regulation of alligators in Texas, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website at: https://tpwd.texas.gov/huntwild/wild/species/alligator/index.phtml