Welcomed Rain Delays Trail Work, Eases Drought

Thanks to several days of consecutive rainfall and continued rain showers over several weeks, the drought in Fort Bend County has eased. According to the Texas drought map, our area has decreased from an intensity level of D3-Extreme Drought to D0-Abnormally Dry. (See Drought Map comparison of August and September in Water Conservation under Water Tab). Every drop of water counts and water conservation is important as we rebound from our severe drought conditions. While there are no mandatory restrictions in place, residents are always encouraged to reduce water usage in their homes and irrigating their lawns to continue to contribute to water conservation efforts.

Due to the recent rain, the trail and drainage work on the section of the sidewalk that extends between the Lake Shore Harbour and Olympia Estates subdivisions (along Volterra Lake Drive) in proximity to the area around the Diamond Creek Drive cul-de-sac has been delayed. The start of the project will be determined by the weather and continued wet conditions.