Cleaning and Televising Sanitary Sewer Lines To Begin September 19th

Fort Bend MUD 47 (FBMUD47) has contracted with CSI Consolidated dba Aims Companies to complete cleaning and televising of the main sanitary sewer lines in the following portions of the District: Olympia Estates Section 1, Olympia Estates Section 5, an original sanitary sewer line bisecting the Enclave at Lakeshore Harbour, and around the commercial areas on the Walmart tract.

Sanitary sewer cleaning is a vital component of maintaining the existing sewer system to its maximum effectiveness and capacity. Cleaning and inspecting sewer lines are essential to maintaining a properly functioning system. Sanitary sewer cleaning and televising helps FBMUD47 evaluate pipes so that any necessary maintenance, repair, or replacement can be scheduled to minimize unexpected problems and emergency repairs.

This work is scheduled to begin the week of September 19th and will take approximately 2 months to complete.  There is no expected disruption of household sanitary sewer function during this process.  Below are maps indicating the areas that are being targeted as part of this capital improvement project.

Sanitary sewer lines in within the Vicksburg Cumberland Village portion of FBMUD47 were cleaned and televised in late 2013/early 2014.

Please feel free to contact FBMUD47 via the “contact” link of this website if you have any questions.

Click here to view the cleaning and televising maps.