District Trails

District Develops New Trails

Fort Bend County MUD No. 47 is pleased to announce the development of two new hike and bike trails in its district. The trails are west of Vicksburg Blvd. and south of Lake Olympia Parkway.

The board recognizes the importance of green space, and are happy to offer these new trails for our surrounding community.  They provide great recreational opportunities for kids and grownups alike, and are dog-friendly. Additionally, the District wanted to provide a place for everyone to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The trails are in place, but the district is still working on developing the surrounding area. So far, more than 30 trees have been planted and the landscaping is currently under way. The depiction below illustrates how the two sections interconnect Cumberland (Vicksburg), Lake Shore Harbour, and Olympia Estates. The total loop around the two sections is 2.82 miles. The asphalt section of the trail (not shown) connects to Kitty Hollow Park. There are 10 benches along the way, plenty of trash cans and eight pet stations.

“We really encourage everyone to come out and enjoy this new outdoor area,” said Lauren Svatek, Board Secretary. “The kids in particular are always excited to see the turtles, ducks and birds in their natural habitats.”