Where does our water come from?

Fort Bend County MUD 47 purchases water from the City of Missouri City.

The City uses two different water sources – groundwater from the Gulf Coast Aquifer (Evangaline) andsurface water from the Brazos River. FBMUD47 receives groundwater from the City’s Mustang Bayou Water Plant. The water plant consists of groundwater wells, storage tanks, booster pumps and disinfection equipment to provide safe drinking water to FBMUD47 and other parts of the City.

The City also purchases surface water from the Gulf Coast Water Authority (GCWA) which is a wholesale water provider for municipalities in Brazoria, Fort Bend and Galveston counties. This surface water is treated at the City’s Regional Surface Water Treatment Plant which provides other areas of the City with safe drinking water.

Because the City, including FBMUD47, has an integrated water distribution system, the City disinfects both groundwater and surface water using chloramines (ammonia and chlorine) intended to benefit customers by reducing the levels of disinfection byproducts (DBPs) in the system, while providing protection from waterborne disease. Water containing chloramines is perfectly safe for drinking, bathing, cooking, and most other uses for water. HOWEVER, there are two categories of people who need to take special care with chloraminated water:

Kidney Dialysis Patients – The change to chloramines can cause problems to persons dependent on dialysis machines. A condition known as hemolytic anemia can occur if the disinfectant is not completely removed from the water that is used for the dialysate. Consequently, the pretreatment scheme used for the dialysis units must include some means, such as a charcoal filter, for removing the chloramines. Medical facilities should also determine if additional precautions are required for other medical equipment.

Live Fish or Other Aquatic Animal Owners – Chloraminated water may be toxic to fish. If you have a fish tank, please make sure that the chemicals or filters that you are using are designed for use in water that has been treated with chloramines. You may also need to change the type of filter that you use for the fish tank.

FBMUD47 is included in the City’s Groundwater Reduction Plan (GRP). The GRP was created to facilitate compliance with the Fort Bend Subsidence District’s (FBSD) groundwater reduction mandates. The City charges FBMUD47 a fee to administer the program which is passed on to customers of FBMUD47. It appears on your water bill as “GRP.” The FBSD was created by the Texas Legislature in 1989 as a conservation and reclamation district (Act of May 26, 1989, 71st Leg., R.S., ch. 1045, 1989 Tex. Gen. Laws 4251) with the purpose to regulate the withdrawal of groundwater within the FBSD to prevent subsidence that contributes to flooding, inundation or overflow of areas within the FBSD, including rising waters resulting from storms or hurricanes. The FBSD’s boundaries are defined as all the territory within Fort Bend county.   http://www.fbsubsidence.org

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